To exit or leave quickly.
It's time to merc out.

After the show we're mercin' to Dr. Robs crib.
by Big Cox May 30, 2006
Thug a nigga
Murder Death Kill
When a nigga play Halo, he mercs fools
by Thug masta May 10, 2003
To 'tap' or 'get' with a girl.
"Let me merc it" AKA Dizzee Rascal 'Dance Wiv Me'
by whatislife September 09, 2008
To exit; To leave;
Hey. I'm about to merc so laters.
by MUR-k March 16, 2003
to kill someone or to run really fast
i merced dis trippin nigga
homie was mercin on the race track
by J-20 September 06, 2003
1. to kick a niggas ass
2. to have sex with a trick
1. Im a merc that nigga's ass for sayin that shit!

2. Im merc'd that trick last night
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
To Not help out with daily chores.
The kitchen is a mess, " Oh, it must have been Merced"
by Sir Merc A Lot January 01, 2008

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