Common misspelling for Murk
Person A: Dude I merc'ed this guy in COD last night
Person B: It's murk NEWB
by murkinallday October 12, 2011
1. A whiny little failtroll who's friends all troll for great justice
2. Fail
1. God, its so much fun to fuck with Merc. He thinks he can actually troll us lolololololol.
2. lolmerc
by willgame4food March 22, 2011
To repeatedly rape an opposing player in an online game (or in real life if that kind of stuff floats your boat). To reign down with a furry that would mildly intimidate Chuck Norris. Mainly associated with Call of Duty 6
Player 1: *knifes opposing player, turns around to find their tactical insertion.
Player 2: *Tactically inserts
Player 1: * knifes player 2* "GET MERC'D!!!!!!!!!
by wardsback April 11, 2010
Short for Mercury or Mercedes Benz. Originated with Mercury owners in the muscle car eras, but has now degenerated into referring to only Mercedes.
"Yo check out the rims on that Merc!"
"That ain't a merc, dumbass."
by akjhf September 13, 2007
mercedez benz
''damn did u see her merc convertable? fucking whack!''
by brendan August 10, 2003
Adj: To Merc

1. To dominate in a ravenous fasion.
2. To embarrass
3. To ejaculate on everything in the immediate area
I was merc'in on fools in COD 4, when I got the AC130 I merc'ed my pants
by fantastico78 February 08, 2010
Short for Mercedes Benz, not for Mercury
"If you could have any kind of car what would it be?"

"Oh, maybe a merc or a lambo"
by Nicolenz May 01, 2007

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