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The following states: Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina. Made popular some 10 years ago.
I'm not from the Dirty South, but I live there.
by Maurice July 02, 2003
To fuck a person up real bad or kill them in a ruthless manner
I am going to merc that nigga who talking that shit.
by Maurice November 15, 2003
To have more than 2 woman
I am going to get me a stable of hoes
by Maurice November 15, 2003
Straight up actin' a fool
"Deante was cuttin' up in class, girl."
by Maurice July 02, 2003
2 Like in duece-duece which is a 22 or a gun
i pulled out my duece-duece and poped a cap in his ass
by Maurice January 17, 2003
A dance in which the butt is moved up and down, while both hands are on the knees.
That bitch think she can pop.
by Maurice July 02, 2003
A type of music that is at a half speed.
It is mainstream popular in southern states, and disliked by many.
Why is that music slow, baby?

It's called screw, Grandma.
by Maurice July 02, 2003

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