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Lamborghini. Italian sports car manufacturer that also makes furniture, SUV's and other tacky cack.
I want a lambo countach QV or 25th anniversary
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
an expensive and exotic car not seen very often. lambo is short for lamborghini. the symbol is a bull which symbolizes the taurus.
i want a lamborghini miura sv theyre pretty sweet but when i went to buy one they were asking 500,000.
by lamcheezy July 09, 2006
A rare name for a very sexy cow with horns, shirt with black patches and a very sensitive and somehow oldschool personality and apperance - such as hairstyle resembling Syd Barrett. Often occures from a pink cloud of gas after using the 10 Years Bazooka, a type of weapon created to summon Lambo ten years older.
Wow, look at that sexy man in a shirt with black patches, I bet his name is Lambo!
by zUo January 20, 2008
Short For An Italian car company named Lambourghini.
Yo that Lambo is hot nigga!
by Some nigga February 18, 2003
To successfully score with a hot chick.
To have intercourse with a hot chick.
To have great intercourse
"I pulled a Lambo last night"

"Dude,, she got lambo'd"
by Buggywhips July 26, 2011
Lambo is a mix between the rugged nature of the well acclaimed character of Rambo and the soft, gentle nature of a lamb. Calling somebody a Lambo is a sign of great repect, and acknowledgement of the person's perfect balance of behaviour.
"You're the biggest Lambo I've ever met, dude!"

"Bro, it's what I do"
by Landoddage May 27, 2009
The abbreviated version of, "Lamborghini", an Italian luxury sports car.
"That Lambo can out run 10 police cars it's so fast."
"We just set a goal, talking matching Lambos."
by reddnnose April 05, 2015
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