Mankind for the Eathical Treatment of Animals; a fictional group of animal right activists appearing in an episode of the animated television series "Futurama"; an attempt to parody the actual animal rights group PETA, even though PETA parodies itself.
When MEAT speaks either don't listen or cook it longer.
by thelordofcheese July 03, 2005
Is this a man or animal, who really knows, he seems to cool kinda like a pimp but everyone knows its cuz he was nice tits. he plays lacrosse and sports number 42 bitches, can and will fuck your day up i might add. if he gets hit in the face by his best friend Rob Cooper he will hit the person in the face with a bag of bottled water
One weird mother fucker
by Meat January 08, 2005
One's significant other, most often used to refer to a female.
Yo, fool, why you be all up in muh meat?!
by ihgsoi June 21, 2004
a boys dick/penis/swanka
Shit I want a fucking big meat in my fat wet pussy.
by shelly January 02, 2004
n. Pussy for chowing-down on. Best when served raw in a bald pink taco.
Margaret! Your meat's gone rancid! Pass the salsa woman!
by D'emon November 26, 2002
The genitals. Can refer to the genitals of either sex.
Do not look at m meat like that.
by Light Joker June 21, 2004
another word for cool or awesome.
man that is so meat!
what a meaty car!
by jackie gids February 21, 2004

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