In the cannibalism community, the term meat as a verb respresents the act of meeting and subsequently eating someone.
Those breasts would go wonderful with hollandaise sauce. I must meat her.
by Tyrven March 20, 2005
slang for large tiers.
check out the meats on that car!
by mike December 04, 2003
I don't know where the... well, current definition of "meat" came from, but let me say this: The person who thought of it is a straight-up pervert.
Anyway, "meat" is pretty much the parts of an animal that can/should be eaten by another animal. By the way, vegans are full of bullshit.
If God didn't want us to eat meat, then why did he make it so tasty.....
by Dr. Unk April 25, 2013
The edible flesh of an animal. Its tastier than vegetables and healthier than carbs.
Ear yur meat, its good for ya!
by DanCornelius September 25, 2011
Being slaped on the hand for doing or sayin somethin stupid
" ahhhhhhh... yo fell.... give me some meat "
by Thatniggab February 19, 2004
To be called a meat is an insult. Meaning your Fat or a fuck face. Fuck face meaning your gross ugly...etc.
Mark your a total meat.
Damnnn..Jane is a meat
by Ihatemeats June 09, 2009
A cornish variation on the word "mate", commonly used by French teachers.
"What does 'viande' mean again, sir?"
"Ahh it's meat, meat."
by phreakonaleash June 23, 2005
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