A noun used to replace such boring words to lighten up a conversation.
1)MOM- The meat looks so big.
lil' jimmy-You bet that meat is big. I have never seen a larger meat rod.

2)PERVERT- Hey baby! let me touch your new meat.
Stripper- These meats cost 25 grand bitch. pay up you meat stroker
by jimmy bean December 22, 2003
A mans package; cock and balls.
<i>Ex1: My nizzle Jeff said last night that a bitch was all up on his meats.
Ex2: When Jeff eats beef his meats get hard.</i>
by Derick "Dizzle" Dickson September 22, 2003
adj- something that is better than all the rest, hearty and wholesome, often used with an event or person. see money
"dude that chick was meat," "dude that game you played was meat"
by Leslie May 31, 2004
a person that is acting like a dick
your a meat!
by vaguegus February 07, 2004
synonym for food, basically; especially that actually made of meat. Could be chicken, beef, pork, fish, squirrel, rat - whatever.
"Got some meats?" --could be heard emanating from under an overpass, near a ditch, in a corner, inside a dumpster, etc. Typically heard in or near low-income areas, certainly those bereft of the finer things in life.

"My boy wit dat broken shoppin' cart over dey - he runnin' meats n' shih, if ya gotz fiddy cent." (I.E., the man over there is selling some meats in his shopping cart.)
by Jez'reel's Turf September 06, 2007
a girl we knew in high school. her name was ashley. shagg called her meat one day, and it stuck.
MEAT! Beat My Meat!
by whiterob February 24, 2004
A nick-name for a large male who usualy has facial features and bad habbits that make him unattractive to females
Meat you ugly fuck. Did you just drop ass.
by Anonymous July 02, 2003

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