A cornish variation on the word "mate", commonly used by French teachers.
"What does 'viande' mean again, sir?"
"Ahh it's meat, meat."
by phreakonaleash June 23, 2005
A dirty word for sexual intercorse
I really want to meat your mum
by tim hol December 09, 2004
A term for any food.

Also see Pie
"you want some meat?"
while offering bread
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
Meeting someone with the sole intention fucking them.
I so wanna meat Paris Hilton.
by Fred Riahi May 07, 2006
The upper arm fat of an extremely obese person. Hangs down and swings back and forth.
Look at what's her face, she's wearing that short-sleeved shirt again, with her meat hanging out.
by JenThe80'sFan August 30, 2004
Cooked animal flesh
Eat meat you vegetarian assberry
by JOKa August 16, 2003
To be lazy, lethargic; To not be good, boring.
I'm so meat right now
This is so meat
I'm meat
by Right Hea June 09, 2008

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