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A sexual assignation in the parlance of predatory males.
Have I fucked Heather yet? Are you kidding? I had her in for several meatings last week alone.
by Mo Dixley December 29, 2004
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The glorious consumption of meat as a social event. Success is measured in number of animals required to fill the stomachs of participants.
"yo I want some tuna"
"fuck that jon, we're having a meating tonight"
by orangefizzlebiz January 21, 2009
Assaulting another guys dick with your own.
Tom is meating Bob.
by Teh Zaga March 16, 2010
A gathering of peers with the common goal of cooking and consuming more meat than one can eat. Stomach expansion is expected to be at at least twofold, as well as a cumulative death of at least 3 different animals for the event.
"will there be any veggie burgers at your guys' meating?"
"no fuck you jon you fucking vegetarian this is a fucking meating"
by orangefizzlebiz October 20, 2008
A meeting with another guy in which you touch meatsticks; synonomous for gay sexual intercorse.
Gay Boy#1: dude wanna go in the bathroom for a quick meating?

by jewrock January 27, 2011
To have really gross sex. Either, with someone gross, or just doing gross things.

They meated, They were meating.
Oh my god, Ashley has been meating since middle school. What a whore.
by Chloe1111111111 March 18, 2010
To be in the act of eating meat.
"What are you doing tonight?"

"Not much, just gonna be meating for dinner."
by kaithewhiteguy July 10, 2014

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