The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.
A: What's the meaning of life?
B: 42.
by Incognia December 15, 2010
The meaning of life is whatever gives your life it's meaning whether it be Friends, Family, A job, A dream, Religion, Happiness or simply curiosity of the world around you! Anything can be a meaning of life but you must ask yourself what it is that YOU live for! Just look around and see if you can find what it is that makes you want to live and you will know the answer if you look hard enough!
The meaning of life can be anything you are fond of or interests you.
by A guy who thinks about life March 11, 2014
Well, is there really a meaning?

1) Yep!
2) To love oneself and thy neighbor. <3
3) Not really...
4) Pie!
5) Money
1) Well what's the meaning of life then? ...No answer? Thought so.
2) A lot of good that'll do you in Hell!
3) We're born, we live a hard life, we die. In the end you'll always die so why not do whatever you want and get some fun out of it!
4) Yes it may be delicious and the answer to most math problems but you're not being funny you know.
5) What? You gonna bribe God into letting you go to Heaven?
by IcyShadows January 17, 2011
living well, doing good to others, and having a fuckin' good time doing it
For me, that's the meaning of life.
by VenkmanMcFly August 26, 2013
Everybody dies. Everything changes. Nothing is real. Everything passes.
Everything is for nothing.

There`s no meaning of life, no divine answer. There`s just you, and you`ll wane and die. There`s the world, and it`ll end.
The meaning of life is nothing. So simple, yet so freeingly complex
by "FreedomKissingEuropean" April 14, 2004
Doughnuts. 'Nuff said.
Yeah, that's it. Doughnuts.
by Mister Ignorant May 17, 2004
a very hard set of words to define, answered only in 2003 by renouned scholar Irag. Irag found that life's meaning was also synomymous with the number of dimensions in the universe. That is, of course, 42.
The meaning of life is 42
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
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