my way of the meaning of life is not that simple. we live for many differnt reason's and they all differ. 1 reason could be to make things better for other people another may be to see the way god's created the world he wants. we live for our ambition but i would like to say so far in my life i have absoultly no ambition and my life aint brilliant i hate to see others enjoying it i mean like young girls who are skinny pretty they have everything looking at my own life i have literally nothing except love. i have the love that nobody else has. which makes me proud to be who i am today
i have the love from my families and friends. i made myself a respected person who is trusted.
by confused in feelings August 03, 2005
Three simple truths: Enjoy, grow, unite.
Have fun evolving together.
by matt January 24, 2004
Genetically speaking there is in fact... A meaning to life (Gasp)...

The meaning of life is to do nothing else but begate and put your filthy genes in the next generation of Homosapiens.
Her: I am ugly and no one wants to have sex with me, my superior traits must be passed on to the next generation.

Him: I am a homeless loser and will never amount to anything... hey... lets have unsuccessful children to ensure the survival of humanity.

Anouncer(sings): And such is the meaning of life!
by Deefoz October 11, 2006
the meaning of life is to have sex.
bob "hey joe, what is the meaning of life?"
joe "well bob, there would be no life without sex, so sex is the meaning of life"
by skiski June 27, 2007
According to Clock Crew, the meaning of life isnt 42. The meaning of life is B.
As quoted in one CC flash, the meaning of life is B
by Can of Worms November 18, 2006
A section of the movie "monty python and the meaning of life".
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 14, 2004
The meaning of life is: To be and then end.
Dude whats the meaning of life ?
by Briden February 17, 2004

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