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Child, infant, baby. Used in parts of Donegal and Northern Ireland. Probably come from "wee one". Also sometimes written as "wayne" or "wean".
"The wanes are asleep."
"Stop acting like a big wane."
by CiaramcN November 15, 2006
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This is derived from the word wench.
Hey wane, get me a cup of coffee.
by amchamp99 January 16, 2005
What you'd call wine when you've had too much of it.
gimme some more wane
by Tes March 09, 2006
The Atlantic Canadian slang noun for penis.

This term can also be used as a verb as "to wane." This means that someone or something has been subject to the immature graffiti of a penis.
"Suck da wane, Genna!"
"You've been waned, Timmy!"
by Shane K. November 08, 2005

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