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Not the Mama
Father: Come on kiddo! Say "Daddy"!

Son: ...Did you say something Not-The-Mama?

Father: ................
by IcyShadows January 17, 2011
Well, is there really a meaning?

1) Yep!
2) To love oneself and thy neighbor. <3
3) Not really...
4) Pie!
5) Money
1) Well what's the meaning of life then? ...No answer? Thought so.
2) A lot of good that'll do you in Hell!
3) We're born, we live a hard life, we die. In the end you'll always die so why not do whatever you want and get some fun out of it!
4) Yes it may be delicious and the answer to most math problems but you're not being funny you know.
5) What? You gonna bribe God into letting you go to Heaven?
by IcyShadows January 17, 2011
Some pretty scary shit...
The voice in my head... His name is Gregory.
by IcyShadows May 15, 2011
What one might say instead of swearing when someone with authority is around. Also used in the presence of young children or if something is not agreeable to oneself.
Shizz biscuits!!! I spilled my coffee!!!

Aw shizz biscuits, I locked my keys in the car!

by IcyShadows January 17, 2011

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