42. thats the meaning of life, the universe and everything.
The answer to life, the universe and everything is 42. It is the meaning of life, as proclaimed by the hitchhikers guide.
by The Almighty Dezy November 30, 2007
Well my belief that the meaning of life is to find your proof of your own existence (purpose in life). everyone's purpose is different. no one is here by mistake

but also... to find something to believe in and pass it on to the next generation (children, ideals, anything you believe will benefit mankind...or not). (the future is what we make of it)

Learning from our mistakes and bettering ourselves from those experiences is also my take on the meaning of life. and death is a part of life but not the meaning of life.

We may die... but its our resonsibility to teach our children our mistakes and hope the next generation will learn from them.

and last... we really dont know the true meaning of life... everyone's meaning is something different.

This is just my belief on life thats all.
I hate to give a quote from a Metal Gear Solid 2 (a videogame if ya didnt know already) but it really inspired me on what the meaning of life means to me.

Solid Snake : "find something to believe in and find it for yourself then... pass it on to the future."
by Killer quail April 16, 2007
The meaning of life is whatever illusion has managed to gain a hold of your cognitive senses. In fact the term should be the 'meanings of life'. Religious illusions are very resilient to reason, which is why they quickly and easily gain a hold of most people's brain power.
Only human cognition can come up with such a question about the meaning of life and expect an answer. Answers come in the form of memes, which replicate themselves or die in a Darwinian 'only the strongest survive' abstract environment. None of the memes have any association with reality, because reality is inaccessible to us. We human have only our sensory perceptions and neural interpretations.
by Peter O'Connell May 13, 2006
The meaning of life is a wish by people who want to understand why things happen, when in truth the reason why things happen is actually life, so the reason is irrelevant for with a reason life would not exist so neither would the question!!
truly a redundant question!!
by Keef May 19, 2004
"What is The meaning of life" is what people who are really depressed ask, while happy people really don't care. Basically the meaning of life is that God was sitting up in heaven and got bored with robot angels that did his every command and wanted people that would love him out of choice... so waaa-llaaa! God made himself a family
Depressed Person: What is the meaning of life? Cuz mine sucks.
by Jazzy March 27, 2004
Apparently the only question left that can not be answered by any scientist and/or believer.
me: "Hey god, I have but one question for you, a question so universal and simple that every soul on earth would want to ask it to you: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?"
god: "How should I know?"
by max February 08, 2004
Nothing, there is no meaning, so make one yourself, f00l!
Sandy: What's the meaning of life?
Lootus: I can't answer that for you, only you can.
by Lukos T3h Fury November 13, 2007

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