When someone walks in on a couple engaged in the exchanging of tongues and possibly bodily fluids, the partner on top performs a Neo like move to quickly dismount his or her partner to avoid a possibly embarrassing situation.
Dude, I totally saw Skyler Matrix his way off of Tina, I think they may have been doing the dirty.
by Mally Piretchindle March 27, 2007
Helping Verb.
Usually combined with "go" in the present tense or "went" in the past tense to describe an unbelieveably cool or Matrix-style action. Sometimes involves quick reflexes (usually in dodging or blocking things), or violence.
"I went totally Matrix on that kid who tried to steal my cotton candy."
"Dude, stop fucking around or I'll go Matrix on you."
"That was so Matrix when you dodged that hot dog."
by Silence February 28, 2004
Plural of Matrix, an array of NUMERALS.
Divide the matrices to find the quotent trifactor dividend to the matrices quo quotent numerator guhguh guhguh gullible
by larstait October 13, 2003
When a guy and a girl hang out, one of them goes in for a kiss, and the other denies him or her by pulling his or her head away.
"Bitch, you just got matrixed by that hot girl."
"Way to matrix that ugly chick bro."
by BGBTKE March 06, 2008
When a man has an erection and discretely hides it by pulling a
"Matrix." This move consists of the classic Neo backwards arch while a hand of preference slides into one's pants and flips the erect penis upwards into its natural position. The penis is then trapped between one's stomach and the elastic band from underwear.

The breezy at the strip club gave be a hard on. I slyly pulled a matrix before she even had a chance to notice.
by K_dogg January 12, 2007
There is no spoon
Do you think that is air you're breathing?
by visa September 01, 2003
1) A rectangular array of numbers or expressions. The plural is 'matrices'. An n x m matrix has n rows and m columns.

2) a movie
1) the typical matrix represented on a calculator:

1 0 0 ]
0 1 0 ]
0 0 1 ]]

2) The Matrix is a hella good movie!
by this website is ruined October 19, 2005

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