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The Narrator's weapon of choice.
If I were you, I'd be very careful who you show that to. Because the person that wrote that is dangerous. And you never know when this button-down Oxford cloth psycho might come to work with an armalite ar-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon stocking from office to office pumping round after around into co-workers. It could be someone you've known for years. Someone very, very close to you.
by Silence November 09, 2003
A word, phrase, or philosophy taken either directly or indirectly from the teachings of our leader, Tyler Durden.
"You are not your fucking khakis."
by Silence November 09, 2003
Pablo Escobar. El Mahico. Mr. Cocaine.
El Padrino was once the seventh richest man in the world, all because of coke.
by Silence January 06, 2005
A comely young woman who would look right at home perched on your penis. Used as a decoration for your wang.
"Heather looks nice tonight, maybe I'll use her as a dick ornament."
by Silence March 26, 2003
A pseudosport that is defined by the participants who discharge firearms at nothing in particular. Also used to describe shooting your weapon at large, stationary objects, such as old washing machines.
He thinks he's a real sportsman, but he's never bagged a deer. It's all just ballistic masturbation.
by Silence March 28, 2003
Helping Verb.
Usually combined with "go" in the present tense or "went" in the past tense to describe an unbelieveably cool or Matrix-style action. Sometimes involves quick reflexes (usually in dodging or blocking things), or violence.
"I went totally Matrix on that kid who tried to steal my cotton candy."
"Dude, stop fucking around or I'll go Matrix on you."
"That was so Matrix when you dodged that hot dog."
by Silence February 28, 2004
Someone who is adept at hiding a cock in his anal cavity, as if to smuggle it across a guarded border undetected.
You greasy faggot! If I had a cock full of drugs coming in from Colombia, I'd use your ass to get it into the country, you dick smuggler!
by Silence March 28, 2003

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