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a kick ass place were u dont mess with LOCALS
and watch out for the "gangs" on the board walk.

lets go stroll on the beach in sunny beautful SANTA CRUZ
by willow June 19, 2006
1) When a person is attracted to another person but does not want to seem too eager, and so makes the other person ring them. Ironically, this request does exactly what they don't want it to do.

2) What teeny-boppers say to Justin Timberlake at a concert whilst throwing a post-it with their phone number to him in the vain and naive hope that they have a chance in hell.

3) This is usually said by a girl. Said girl then sits by phone all day complaining that (s)he hasn't called. Problem is, they didn't specify a time to call.

4) Said at a rushed moment whereby the reasoning behind such a request is not divulged, and usually ends with a frantic handwave from the speaker (and occasionally a dumb grin whilst walking backwards)

5) Used in business/school, not always with words, but with the universal two-fingered phone sign by the ear. Can also be accompanied with miming of "call me" as if that helps when you're on the other side of the room.
1) *nervous laugh whilst trying to seem cool* Call me?

2) *screaming* ohmigod! justin timberlake! you're s fit, call meeee!

3) "Call me!" (at home) "Why hasn't he called me?"

4) *big wide eyes* call me!!!!
by Willow April 25, 2004
An alternative high school in Apple Valley, MN that makes every student who attends it become either a tree hugger, a pothead, or gay. Or any combination there of.
"Oh you go to the pothead high school?"
by Willow December 05, 2003
This is a term used to describe a buff she-man lesbian. Also known as a bull dyke or bush master. Often observed playing the game of softball.
You better look out for that Battle Hog, Joe, she might kick your ass and fuck you with a strap-on.
by willow January 31, 2005
A small pipe used to smoke marijuana. Also known as a One Hitter.
Let's go smoke a pinchey bro.
by Willow September 19, 2005
Roll on Newbie Faggot. Not sure on origin.
<newbie1> How do I save an image?
by willow December 25, 2004
Get Your Fucking Tits Out! Comes from a obscene flash animation.
So this chick comes into the bar, and I says "GYFTO BITCH!!!"
by Willow September 19, 2005
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