1. To spend a significant portion of a day or even a week watching without pause back to back episodes from multiple seasons of a single television series, replacing the experience of one's own reality and resulting in lingering effects on one's consciousness, once the final episode has been watched. 2. To re-set one's own immediate depressive state by immersing oneself in a mediated one (television, film, online social forum, amusement park, etc.) for an extended, but ultimately temporary, period of time.
Jan was in such a funk that she withdrew into her dorm room with a Costco carton of microwaveable popcorn to matrix on the complete seven seasons of Wire in the Blood, emerging three days later with a slight British accent and a less slight case of paranoia.
by Rugbyfitty May 02, 2011
Early 90's club music group. Had the 1993 hit song "Can You Feel It"
Person 1: "Remember the group Matrix?"
Person 2: "Yeah they were tight"
by MatrixMan February 18, 2010
The nearly omni-present curtain of illusion, obfuscation and confusion created by the intelligence community, intelligentsia, and invisible ruling elite (Illuminati) to hide the truth, their source of power. It is similar to Maya and Mega-Babel (a.k.a., "Babylon the Great"). It also possesses connotations of Mother worship.
"I can see the Matrix, but I can't see what's on the other side."
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006
Getting so high and or drunk that you are in an alternate state of reality. Things that before seemed superhuman are now in the realm of physical possibility, your thinking is enhanced and you are on top of the world(blue pill) or you have far surpassed the point of no return, are currently fubar and seeing shit that doesn't exist (red pill)
I got that dro... lets re-insert ourselves into the matrix
by Bodangles November 25, 2006
to run so fast that your feet seem to disappear and you appear to run UP a wall
Brian matrixed around the room as he ran away from Shatisha with her love note from Dyquan.
by teach kids February 04, 2010
1) Noun. A computer program that was designed by A.I. robots to divide the attention of humans away from the real world, where robots farm humans for a power source stronger than electricity.

2)Verb. A slang term for doing one of the stunts seen in the movie The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded or The Matrix: Revoloutions, such as running up a wall or dodging something heading for you by leaning back quickly.
1) The Matrix has you.

2) Did you see that? I just did the Matrix!
by Jonah Rowley October 17, 2004
A dramatic way of saying one kicked ass or beat someone up.
He came at me, so I went all matrix on his ass.
by Matthew November 14, 2003
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