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slang name for police like busys pigs 5-0 ect...
everywhere you go you gotta dodge the matrix
by iiJordyy November 11, 2013
The matrix is the crotch area of a girl or boy
I wanna get in her matrix

I wanna lick his matrix
by Hammatrixcargas July 03, 2010
the space inside of a woman where humans take root and grow into babies until they are born
We all come from the matrix
by blindspot February 17, 2005
1) Noun. A computer program that was designed by A.I. robots to divide the attention of humans away from the real world, where robots farm humans for a power source stronger than electricity.

2)Verb. A slang term for doing one of the stunts seen in the movie The Matrix, The Matrix: Reloaded or The Matrix: Revoloutions, such as running up a wall or dodging something heading for you by leaning back quickly.
1) The Matrix has you.

2) Did you see that? I just did the Matrix!
by Volatile October 17, 2004
Slang for marijuana laced with PCP.
Damn son, I just smoked some matrix.
by Uncle Stoner February 10, 2003
The combination of a strain of marijuana known in northeast hoods as "piff" and Black angeldust aka pcp/wet/illy/sherm/butt naked
ME and my nigga pookie just smoked a matrix

That nigga is crazy, heard he's on that matrix!
by BigBirdpiff July 10, 2009
A nickname for Shawn Marion, a basketball player in the NBA.
The nickname was given to him by former player and announcer Kenny "The Jet" Smith in reference to a pseudo-intellectual kung-fu movie who's special effects have gone from innovative to common.
The Matrix hits a three-pointer!
by Owning It August 24, 2008