A dramatic way of saying one kicked ass or beat someone up.
He came at me, so I went all matrix on his ass.
by Matthew November 14, 2003
to all those who don't understand what the matrix was about, why don't you check out www.davidicke.com , now THAT will really blow your mind
I read Icke's "Children Of The Matrix" and now I know what's going on!
by spellbreaker August 29, 2003
slang name for police like busys pigs 5-0 ect...
everywhere you go you gotta dodge the matrix
by iiJordyy November 11, 2013
The combination of a strain of marijuana known in northeast hoods as "piff" and Black angeldust aka pcp/wet/illy/sherm/butt naked
ME and my nigga pookie just smoked a matrix

That nigga is crazy, heard he's on that matrix!
by BigBirdpiff July 10, 2009
A nickname for Shawn Marion, a basketball player in the NBA.
The nickname was given to him by former player and announcer Kenny "The Jet" Smith in reference to a pseudo-intellectual kung-fu movie who's special effects have gone from innovative to common.
The Matrix hits a three-pointer!
by Owning It August 24, 2008
the space inside of a woman where humans take root and grow into babies until they are born
We all come from the matrix
by blindspot February 17, 2005
is something that provides support or structure, especially in the sense of surrounding and/or shaping.
It's all around us...We just have to learn to see it!
by j December 14, 2004

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