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Confusion (by mixing), from the Hebrew B(et)-B(et)-L(ahmed). Syn. Babylon
"The language of the people was confused at Babel."

"I'm not listening to any more of your techno-babble."
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006
"Strength" in Hebrew, its original language.
The Uzi submachinegun might be considered a symbol of the State of Israel's independence and strength, it being the first Israeli weapon to become a household word, like Kleenex.
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006
So what else is new? An expression of resignation and boredom. Possibly abbreviated for the first time by a grocery bagger in Melbourne, Florida, U.S.A. in 1985, it could have attained worldwide usage through United States Army service from 1986 - 1989.
Person A: It's raining outside.
Person B: Swein?
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006
A building hosting activities that sap one's moral character.
You'll never catch me dancing in that damnasium!
by Uziyahu August 22, 2006
The nearly omni-present curtain of illusion, obfuscation and confusion created by the intelligence community, intelligentsia, and invisible ruling elite (Illuminati) to hide the truth, their source of power. It is similar to Maya and Mega-Babel (a.k.a., "Babylon the Great"). It also possesses connotations of Mother worship.
"I can see the Matrix, but I can't see what's on the other side."
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006
A fan of NASCAR racing (as evidenced by his race car number stickers on the back of his unimpressive motor vehicle) who drives as if his vehicle is capable of NASCAR competition and/or who carelessly guzzles away gallon after gallon of gasoline without a thought to his NASChole buddies who are fighting and dying for oil in a foreign land.
"That's not a Porsche, you fargin' NASChole!"
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006
666, in that the Hebrew letter W(aw) has a numerical value of 6.
"They could not buy or sell unless they accessed the www."
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006

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