Gate Way to hell
Lucifers Son
Satan's MOM

But seriously whom ever came up with it must've been angry at the world..
"Aye i got this idea, lets make this thing called math, have them add numbers together, and as they get older ADD LETTERS, They gon be mad as shit LOL"
by Panda F'n Bearr March 06, 2015
mentally affected teachers harrasing students.
person 1: dude ms jepson is such a stupid teacher
person 2: i know she is such a MATHS
person 1: dude, she teaches Humanities, not maths
person 2: no man MATHS! mentally affected teachers harassing students!
person 1: oh! ha ha i geddit!
by happyfacethegame December 14, 2009
Math is the study of patterns in everything. It can be very useful in its applied forms, but it also has the potential to be abstract beyond practicality.
Most modern, research-oriented disciplines within science rely upon math in one way or another.
by Peter Mugowsky May 05, 2004
H-high school
What maths was really made for
by Yeah braaaaa May 16, 2016

Comes in various, horrid forms, such as algebra and geometry.
Basically, besides the common multiplication, addition, division and subtraction, math is useless and unnecessary brain torture.
Today I was handed a picture of a triangle with the variable X on one side. The words were "find X", and everybody around me was sweating balls trying to formulate all these long ass equations. I simply drew an arrow pointing to the variable already printed at the side, and wrote "here it is". Sometimes, simple thinking is genius too. Needless to say, I still got a zero on that problem. Gosh darn it, Math!
by MissPhantomhive December 12, 2015
an abbreviation for "Mental Abuse To Human"
A: what subject are u doing?
by the next confucius December 08, 2015
The only subject in school which uses more letters than English does.
Teacher: Bob, what does 'gf 'equal in the mathematical equation 'x>ym>0+t/a-g+f=15'?
Bob: .... non existent?
by nyanscout November 07, 2015
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