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Dear, MATH

Why are you so abusing to humans?
by RunThroughTime February 10, 2014
Satan's greatest invention
"With this I shall bring the terror and despair to all humans! I'll name it... MATH" Satan
by APowerfulVagina February 10, 2014
Mental Abuse To Humans
A class that was probably invented by Satan whilst he had a hissy fit over not being able to drag enough people to hell. Said to help us later in life, but i will never need 20+x32-4+86 if x=93.....
Teacher: Hello kids, todays warmup question will be "What is 459(20x-12)x3+42y if y equals 27 and x equals 45?"

Student: Why must we learn this?

Teacher: Because you're gonna need it later in life

Student: Yeaaah right (Shoots himself in head)

Moral of this story: MATH.IS.HELL.
by KJayyyyyyy January 16, 2014
A medley of orgasms. Man has to cum 4 different ways in one night with the same girl:

Mouth (blowjob)
Ass (cum on ass after vaginal intercourse or just good ol' anal)
Tits (titty fuck) <--- personal favorite

Hand (hand job)

The order does not matter although dudes and dudettes say the ideal scenario is HTMA
Example 1:

(lady passes by)
dude A: Hey dude B I'd love to math with her
by a math professor July 13, 2012
1. slang way of someones phone number.
2. digits.
" can i get yo math? "
by Jellowww January 30, 2008
Teacher: time for math!
Students: 😭🔫
by JustaKidThatDoesntLikeMath April 26, 2014
You're right. You probably won't need it in your career flipping burgers or giving BJ's for money.
I use math everyday calculating various stresses that might affect new part designs for my 100,000$ job.

Now to hit the drive through, where math IS useless!
by Joejitsu101 April 15, 2014