1: The study of mathematics.
2: A word to describe something that is useful in part, but most of it is worthless
3: A word to describe something that takes all your brain power to comprehend.
4: A boring period of time
1: I study mathematics.
2: That doorstop notebook I bought is math.
3: Did you see how Jane's boobies jiggled?! It's like math!
4: Nine o'clock to ten o'clock is math.
by Loading_Name May 07, 2011
short for "mathematics". A science taught in schools varying form "basic math" to "calculus" and "statistics". It is known as the study of measurement and properties using numbers and symbols such as < > + = - / and countless others as the work becomes more difficult.
My math teacher must be Jewish because she leaves a ton of homework.
by skjkitjkz259 August 19, 2006
Math is the study of patterns in everything. It can be very useful in its applied forms, but it also has the potential to be abstract beyond practicality.
Most modern, research-oriented disciplines within science rely upon math in one way or another.
by Peter Mugowsky May 05, 2004
Math is the abbreviation for:

Person 1: We have math for next lesson.
by Epicguyof1337 October 21, 2013
Language spoken by most Asians
I make my Asian friend do all my math homework.
by fatbutslow June 08, 2010
mentally affected teachers harrasing students.
person 1: dude ms jepson is such a stupid teacher
person 2: i know she is such a MATHS
person 1: dude, she teaches Humanities, not maths
person 2: no man MATHS! mentally affected teachers harassing students!
person 1: oh! ha ha i geddit!
by happyfacethegame December 14, 2009
Math is correct reasoning. It is nothing more and nothing less.
A simple but difficult math problem: Place a knight on each square of a 7-by-7 chessboard. Is it possible for each knight to simultaneously make a legal move?

Solution: The board has 49 squares. Without loss of generality, suppose 24 of them are white and 25 are black. Consider the 25 knights resting on black squares. If they were each to make a legal move, they would have to move to 25 distinct white squares. Since there are only 24 white squares available, such a move can't be made.
by zpconn August 17, 2009

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