1. Short for mathematics, mostly used outside of the USA
2. Johnny Durham
You are maths, you know what I mean? You are like the physical embodiment of mathemathics.
by AVPMftw December 01, 2009
What you do if you have a Beautiful Mind
The Film - but it may damage your health
by Not-so-bo-ri-ng September 30, 2003
A person's phone number. Apparently, if you're walking around the streets of Chicago, this is an appropriate definition.
"Hey baby, baby, psssst...psssst...yo ma', ma'...lemme get yo' math."
by Arelle Arghee September 24, 2008
Noun: someones phone number (aka the digits).
Kid 1: That girl was clackalackin.
Kid 2: So fool, did you get the math?
by Earl von Earl August 07, 2006
What people who failed english think the plural of math is
Guy 1: I have to take 4 maths classes in high school
Guy 2: and retake english...
by Jtgamerguy December 03, 2010
One of the weapons of mass-torture (WMT) that teachers have up their sleeves, only useful if you wanna become an engineer or doctor or something fancy like that. Maths is known to bore the poor students who study it to the point of depression-induced suicide. It can pay the bills though.
I plan to become an artist so I don't see how studying Maths at A-level will do me any good.
by Captain Capable July 18, 2011
The act of exchanging ones personal phone number.
if you wanted to exchange phone numbers with someone you would say "could i get your math.

or "lets exchange math"
by the duder of the chi April 22, 2009

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