A school subject that will help absolutely EVERYONE in real life.
Bob was walking down the street when a gangsta pulled a gun on him. "Quick!"the gangsta said. "Solve this equation or I'll shoot you!" Bob survived. Thank god for math class.
by Poopqwerqtqertq October 13, 2013
Math is five (5).
If you are playing a game, and your team is down 4 - 0, then you need 5 goals / points / scores in order to secure victory with the smallest margin of victory. This is assuming that the other team does not score any additional goals / points / scores.

If you score more than 5 or less than 5, it is not math - because it is incorrect.
by tTmarco April 11, 2011
The correct form of the Americanism "Math", as a contraction of mathematics (a contraction featuring at least the first and last letter of the two words). The most beautiful thing ever observed by mankind; the physics of bottle caps. I only wish the real universe was as beautiful as the Cartesian plane. People usually claim it has no use because they are too ignorant/stupid to understand it. Uses include everything not involving the study of literature. The ONLY pure science.
I love maths!

I'm sure looking forward to Mr Black's maths class

Zero point nine repeater equals one. That’s some cool maths
by 0ero May 05, 2006
Sex. Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and multiplication
Man 1: I'm very very good at maths
by AloneAgain0 September 20, 2015
Oh my god, math is abusing my brain.
by anounymus urmom February 20, 2015
Mental Abuse To Humans
"Math is terrible, I don't get why people like it."
by Marinator9090 February 01, 2015
Mental Abuse To Humans. Something any person can endure that is inhumane and damaging to the mind. Confusing situation(s)
James went through a MATH like situation when asked to either take his life or watch his family be murdered.
by DIGITALDOMINATION December 04, 2014

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