Mental Abuse To Humans
A class that was probably invented by Satan whilst he had a hissy fit over not being able to drag enough people to hell. Said to help us later in life, but i will never need 20+x32-4+86 if x=93.....
Teacher: Hello kids, todays warmup question will be "What is 459(20x-12)x3+42y if y equals 27 and x equals 45?"

Student: Why must we learn this?

Teacher: Because you're gonna need it later in life

Student: Yeaaah right (Shoots himself in head)

Moral of this story: MATH.IS.HELL.
by KJayyyyyyy January 16, 2014
A medley of orgasms. Man has to cum 4 different ways in one night with the same girl:

Mouth (blowjob)
Ass (cum on ass after vaginal intercourse or just good ol' anal)
Tits (titty fuck) <--- personal favorite

Hand (hand job)

The order does not matter although dudes and dudettes say the ideal scenario is HTMA
Example 1:

(lady passes by)
dude A: Hey dude B I'd love to math with her
by a math professor July 13, 2012
Math is correct reasoning. It is nothing more and nothing less.
A simple but difficult math problem: Place a knight on each square of a 7-by-7 chessboard. Is it possible for each knight to simultaneously make a legal move?

Solution: The board has 49 squares. Without loss of generality, suppose 24 of them are white and 25 are black. Consider the 25 knights resting on black squares. If they were each to make a legal move, they would have to move to 25 distinct white squares. Since there are only 24 white squares available, such a move can't be made.
by zpconn August 17, 2009
Mental Abuse To Humans
lets do some maths with the students so there heads hut
by suiteduporiginals December 11, 2015
A school subject that will help absolutely EVERYONE in real life.
Bob was walking down the street when a gangsta pulled a gun on him. "Quick!"the gangsta said. "Solve this equation or I'll shoot you!" Bob survived. Thank god for math class.
by Poopqwerqtqertq October 13, 2013
Math is five (5).
If you are playing a game, and your team is down 4 - 0, then you need 5 goals / points / scores in order to secure victory with the smallest margin of victory. This is assuming that the other team does not score any additional goals / points / scores.

If you score more than 5 or less than 5, it is not math - because it is incorrect.
by tTmarco April 11, 2011
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