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A Southern and Midwestern slang word used to express excitement or distainment without using profanity.
That was fricking great (excitement)
That was fricking sick (distainment)
by me June 21, 2004
Acording to my history teacher,
who is extremely precise about pronunciation told us
FRICKING means to masturbate.
and he said it was an old english term.
thats as far into the subject he would go,
as he is very posh, proper and was 'uncomfortable' talking about the meaning of the word.

people might usually assosiate this world with the film napoleon dynamite.
this conversation is how i found out the meaning of the word:

Me: Gimme my pen back
Jess: No you fricking idiot its mine
Teacher: What did you just say?!

(it progressed from there)
by Treulf September 25, 2006
A word commonly used by kids who's parents don't let them swear yet or those who feel guilty swearing.
Kid 1: Holy shit that was fucking awesome

Kid 2: Yeah I know that was so fricking cool!
by Zephyr June 12, 2016
a Southern sanitized term of profanity -- similar to "dad-blamed" or "cotton-picking." It sounds bad, but it isn't. Not to be confused with the word rhyming with rigging
Keep your fricking hands off the remote.
by JK White August 25, 2003
A Southern, South Carolina term for saying fuck in public or with others in your church group
All the Minister is interested in is fricking and chicken. Once we paid the money to buy the minister that big expensive car all he cares about is fricken and chicken.
by Theodore R. Hazen March 06, 2008
A word used by cowards who are too afraid to say "fucking"
dude #1: "that music fricking sucks"
dude #2: "fricking? come on you wimp. say FUCKING"
by whodey June 15, 2004
Fricking: Chicken fucking
iwantgmail you are fricking idiot, you seem to posses the same sexual orientation as your bisexual father, your very existence makes me despise the imperfections of the pull out method
by Tal-IGN December 10, 2004
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