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The act of masturbating while waiting for a significant other to have sex with.
Alex was masturwaiting for at least 20 minutes before James arrived.
by orlando mun September 20, 2009
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Waiting for everyone in your house to go to sleep to spare having to hear them or them hear you while masturbating.
John: Why the hell are you so tired?
Bill: My brother wouldn't go to sleep, I was masturwaiting until like 2AM for fucks sake.
John: What the fuck is masturwaiting?
Bill: Check urban dictionary fag.
by pseudiddlyeudonymaaaaa August 14, 2010
Laying in bed, chubbed up, waiting for your roommate to go to sleep so you can pleasure yourself
"I had a Louisville Slugger-sized hardon last night and needed to crank one out, but my roomie was awake, watching some dumbass videos. I was up masturwaiting until 1:30am!"
by DavieYo March 01, 2015

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