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a long or medium period of time
yo i aint seen you in a minute
by brittany December 15, 2004
Phrase used by blacks denoting an extremely long period of time.
Upon sighting a long lost black cousin at the beauty parlor, after the requisite whooping, hollering and screeching:

"Shaneeqwa I ain't seed yo black ass in a MINUTE!" (more screeching, bellowing in delight, hugs) then "When did yo black ass get out the jail house? Yo black ass was up in there for a MINUTE! And I KNOW thess right! We was talking bout yo black ass at the fambly reunion! It sho is goot to see yo black ass!" (more screeching and whooping) "Africa come over here and let me introduce yo black ass to Shaneeqwa! She my cousin from out yonder in South Carolina!" (more screeching, whooping and "lawd hev MERCY!" proclamations over not having seed her in a MINUTE...
by Phillip T. May 15, 2007
According to comedian Al Jackson approximately 5 years.
I ain't see joe in like a minute

Tupac's been dead for like 3 minutes.
by @EgoManiacs January 06, 2012
In a specific time.
"Yo man, when can you get here?" "Man, I'm busy, I'm a be there in a minute."
by Sway78 October 04, 2007
only a short time spent with a significant other, who is not really that significant - short term relationship
"I was only wit her for A MINUTE, ain't like I'm married to her."
by Chief Rocka September 10, 2004
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