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Fapping while you're watching porn but you're waiting because the video's buffering.
Due to my slow internet, I had to masturwait.
by InternetHuman March 01, 2015
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When you're about to cum but the video has like two minutes left and you want to cum in sync with the video so you slow down and wait a little bit, then finish big.
Man, last night when i was masturbating i was about to cum then i noticed my video had a minute left, so i had to masturwait until the guy came all over the chick.
by AnonymousMat March 11, 2015
While waiting for a game to load, a download to finish or computer to turn on, you masturbate to kill the time.
The 50 second wait between round of Battlefield 3 were a good time to masturwait.
by That filthy guy December 25, 2011
When you masturbate while waiting for someone
Person A: Hey, When are you coming over?
Person B: In about two hours.
Person A: Ok I will have a masturwait
Person B: ewww, You didn't need to tell me that.
Person A: Meh
by fire eater October 24, 2009
fapping while you're watching porn but you're waiting because the video is buffering
Leave me alone!!
I'm masturwaiting!!
by Whitegirlstarbucks April 12, 2015
When a man, usually in a bukkake situation, stimulates his genitals to remain erect, without the intent of reaching orgasm.
I filmed this bukkake video last weekend, and there were 16 guys that came before me, so I had to masturwait for 34 minutes!
by jtothegoods November 20, 2010

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