Usually known for big pimpin. Has a dick the size of Montana
He be Martin spending them g's
by Big daddy1234 February 01, 2014
A sexual act where a woman licks from a mans asshole up his taint to his balls. The greatest and most intense sexual act you will experience in your lifetime.
Guy 1: Man that girl over there is hot
Guy 2: I know right she gave me a Martin last weekend, best one I've ever had
Guy 1: You better wife that one
by Allan Kaeger November 06, 2015
The one guy that every girl thinks is gay.
Hey is your friend gay?
Nah that's just Martin.
by AdamHasBigShlong June 01, 2016
Martin is the name of a man who has built a barrier between his heart n the ppl he let's have it he is protective of who he let's in his life , he is always putting ppl before him , he is strong,handsome, and intelligent he is perfect he may have flaws but he shows thm proudly he is also has low self a steem but he never let's tht keep him down martin is the name of a man who is determined to change the world for the best .
Martin is a leader
by Jaytekz May 30, 2016
The kind of guy to go to a party and eat all the jalapeños. Fat and chubby.
Martin is so fat.
by TBNation June 18, 2016
uranium deer.

Danish : uran hjort.
Martin is a uranium deer.

Martin er en uran hjort.
by OnlyOneSnookie June 02, 2015
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