A very tall dominaing, sexy male. Has likes to wear Jaffa cakes.

He may be the Cutest person you will ever meet. Martin is just so lovely, you will fall in love with him instantly. He's perfect in every way!! He's very dashing.

Martin is a beautiful person with a beautiful personality. if you have a Martin, never let him go!
I met this guy, he's a Martin
by Ilovemartin January 23, 2014
Is a father and is the worlds biggest dick ever
Martin is a dick
by cool_sky132 October 08, 2014
Usually known for big pimpin. Has a dick the size of Montana
He be Martin spending them g's
by Big daddy1234 February 01, 2014
all time show on tv with martin lawrence.
son you ever see the show martin its fucking to funny.
by gutta 07 June 05, 2007
substitute for referring to LSD. Comes from a song from 80's pop band ABC. Lyrics go: "my name is Martin Fry, F-R-Y. Who needs the moon when we got the staaarrrs!"
Hey man, are we hanging out with Martin tonight?
Who picked up Martin for the weekend?
by polyrhachis October 15, 2008
1. To trip and fall for no reason
"whoa! I almost martined down those steps!"
"When I try to run I always martin."
by Lilly White Moreno Valley November 19, 2005
A person who very sexual and makes inappropriate comments or actions. They usually wear speedos that are disgustingly tight and revealing.

Always said in an English accent.
(See Martin in The Parent Trap when he dances in his speedo)

"Yo, look at that chix huge tits! I'd totally bang her in a minute!" -Lavin (wearing a speedo)

"Me too, man! She's hella hott!" -Victor (also wearing a speedo)
"We are such Maaaartins!" -Lavin (still wearing speedo)
by aunsansuchi1 March 17, 2013

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