to fight or to argue with family/friends and so on
"i've strife with Bro just now,he kicked my ass"
by HOMESTUCK_SHIT February 06, 2015
Something you hold into when you're young

Commonly associated with holding your gonads
Squirrel #1: When you're a kid and you wanna go "weeeee".
But you ain't got drugs yet!
You hold on for your life,
Hold on to your little gonads... in strife...
by thisismyusernamek October 21, 2012
1.a plauge on both houses
2.a little annoying cuss-a-holic
Strife stop humping trolly when hes in a coma
by llehctim February 23, 2003
strife (a) to "smoke the cannibus.. is to smoke the strife" true statement... bitches.
"smoke the strife"
by Ryan May 30, 2004
The clinical terminology for the effects of drinking after you smoke where if you smoke, then drink, your liver will fall out.
He can't drink, or he will get strife. We just smoked, and if he drinks, then he will get strife and his liver will fall out, not down, out, just fall out on the ground.
by 4 Blocks Productions August 18, 2004
A (scrub),or a worthless, indescribely annoying, unneccesary, superflous, uncanny, rediculous, gross, nasty, gay, tacky thing, person, thing(s), people, group of people.

Yo Those Gothic Girls are fucking strife!

That old man driving that beat ass car is STRIFE!

Someone with a toe-up car, beat crib, ugly ass wife, medicore job, and a mediocre life would be complete STRIFE!

by The Anti-Strife April 04, 2006
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