Rubys Left Boob
"Dude look hes such a Martin!" "I know hes so fat!
by FckinChey March 15, 2011
The biggest buzzkill ever. He is also known as Buzz Killington.
Person 1: It's so hard!
Person 2: Thats what she said!
Person 3: There aren't any girls here though.
Person 2: You're such a Martin.
by EhpikPhail January 15, 2011
A Martin is usually a guy with many hidden (and often questionable) desires. Martin loves to collect keys and wishes he lived amongst a tribe of cannibals. Martin talks alot but nobody really listens. He lies about places he has been to and nobody is really sure if his girlfriend actually exists.
Person 1: Martin told me he took his girlfriend to Rome for the weekend.

Person 2: What a liar.
by Lambpie August 13, 2011
Anything/ anyone black
Ex 1
Person 1: "Oi quick run theres a bunch of Martins coming"
Person 2: "Oh shit my wigga brother leg it, Martins coming for knife"

Ex 2

Person 1: "Oi you dirty Martin!"
Martin: "What?"
by Maximilian the Fej March 09, 2008
Anyone who spends a significant amount of money on a haircut
You spent 70 quid on that? Thats a bit Martin, isn't it?
by Bezza111 May 15, 2008
A person who kills all conversations that he contributes to, The conversation could be about anything or anyone and is completely by accident.
Will:Ye, or if pigs could breathe underwater
Everyone:LOL, ROFL
Jamie:Ye, or if monkeys had 6 legs
One random voice:Martin...
by Bittermin July 11, 2010
A guy who is totally lax obsessed. he is the epitome of a laxdork! Also a very funny guy who loves to be right about everything.
Friend: hey martin what are you doing after school?
Martin: I am probably going to play lax
by bingbong223457654 May 11, 2009

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