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Anyone who spends a significant amount of money on a haircut
You spent 70 quid on that? Thats a bit Martin, isn't it?
by Bezza111 May 15, 2008
A person who kills all conversations that he contributes to, The conversation could be about anything or anyone and is completely by accident.
Will:Ye, or if pigs could breathe underwater
Everyone:LOL, ROFL
Jamie:Ye, or if monkeys had 6 legs
One random voice:Martin...
by Bittermin July 11, 2010
A guy who is totally lax obsessed. he is the epitome of a laxdork! Also a very funny guy who loves to be right about everything.
Friend: hey martin what are you doing after school?
Martin: I am probably going to play lax
by bingbong223457654 May 11, 2009
Another word for an uncircumcised European.
“did you see that martin the other day in the locker room..”
by Yo mama452543523536 March 08, 2009
Another word for a flatulence.

It originally came from the informal word 'fart' which rhymes with 'mart' which somehow evolved into 'Martin'. But often abbreviated to 'martz'. And if a person, usually a boy, farts alot, they are often called 'martz the fartz' or a 'martin'.
Person 1: "Oops! I just did a martin!"

Person 2: "Eww, you are martz the fartz!"
by martndale August 24, 2009
The type of person who masturbates to visions of his friends hot girlfriends and plays wii all day. Another word for man with child-size penis
Dude wtf you just pulled a Martin in your bathroom.
by BOOBS BASTOW October 21, 2008
n. A man with a penis that is significantly wider than it is longer IE a chode.
That guys penis is so short, its a martin!
by Jack Avery November 23, 2007