all time show on tv with martin lawrence.
son you ever see the show martin its fucking to funny.
by gutta 07 June 05, 2007
Is a father and is the worlds biggest dick ever
Martin is a dick
by cool_sky132 October 08, 2014
Martin is a another name for a complete and utter dickhead. Martins are normally copy cats and pussy's towards others. Do be warned that if you try to throw a punch at a Martin he will simply run away! DO NOT EVER invite a Martin to your house as he will simply whine that he wants to go home.
Martin's are usually Asian and tanned colour!
Have you seen Martin today he is a complete dick!
by Clint July 28, 2015
substitute for referring to LSD. Comes from a song from 80's pop band ABC. Lyrics go: "my name is Martin Fry, F-R-Y. Who needs the moon when we got the staaarrrs!"
Hey man, are we hanging out with Martin tonight?
Who picked up Martin for the weekend?
by polyrhachis October 15, 2008
1. To trip and fall for no reason
"whoa! I almost martined down those steps!"
"When I try to run I always martin."
by Lilly White Moreno Valley November 19, 2005
A short cocky ass with brown hair who acts like his penis is 3x larger than it actually is, thinks ball is life and sends nudes to anyone literally ANYONE. And is usually the leader of his group of fuckboys, Is homophobic AF thinks he can do what he wants because he has his crew to back him up.

Did you see martins nudes?

yes omfg, tiny chode af
by thetruthlol January 22, 2015
Martin is said when somebody is not funny, says a joke that doesn't make any sense or says something that is hard to believe.
Mark: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Dan: Don't know fam, why?
Mark: Because it wanted to!
by Podiumusic December 01, 2011
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