Martin is said when somebody is not funny, says a joke that doesn't make any sense or says something that is hard to believe.
Mark: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Dan: Don't know fam, why?
Mark: Because it wanted to!
by Podiumusic December 01, 2011
A person who very sexual and makes inappropriate comments or actions. They usually wear speedos that are disgustingly tight and revealing.

Always said in an English accent.
(See Martin in The Parent Trap when he dances in his speedo)

"Yo, look at that chix huge tits! I'd totally bang her in a minute!" -Lavin (wearing a speedo)

"Me too, man! She's hella hott!" -Victor (also wearing a speedo)
"We are such Maaaartins!" -Lavin (still wearing speedo)
by aunsansuchi1 March 17, 2013
'Martin' is used when somebody says a bad joke which nobody found funny. It is said after the joke has been said, to the person who said it.
It is named after a pupil from a school in Kent.

Boy 1: I might go and buy a hotdog..
Boy 2: How hot's the dog?
Boy 1: Martin..
by Alex Vogel February 25, 2008
People who likes to look at good friends have sex while masturbating, rather than having sex himself.
Hey! Don't be a martin sitting there in the corner watching.
by sopelimme June 02, 2011
noun. A nasal laugh after a pause that indicates that the otherwise believable preceding sentence was actually sarcastic.

verb. To Martin/do the Martin: 1. To end a straight faced sentence with a martin. 2. To get someone to believe something you say then shatter their believe through a martin. 3. To let out a martin in response to a statement you can't believe.

See also: Silent martin. An implied martin after a sentence that only an idiot would believe.
"Yeah, I'll be there. <martin>"

"Yeah I'll tidy my room by tomorrow. <martin>"

"He said he was one of the best looking blokes in his class but I couldn't help letting out a martin"

"Don't martin man, I'm serious"
by Chama November 11, 2007
Rubys Left Boob
"Dude look hes such a Martin!" "I know hes so fat!
by FckinChey March 15, 2011
A Martin is usually a guy with many hidden (and often questionable) desires. Martin loves to collect keys and wishes he lived amongst a tribe of cannibals. Martin talks alot but nobody really listens. He lies about places he has been to and nobody is really sure if his girlfriend actually exists.
Person 1: Martin told me he took his girlfriend to Rome for the weekend.

Person 2: What a liar.
by Lambpie August 13, 2011

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