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When a guy is using both hands to hold on to a shed's rafters and his legs are resting on a females shoulders while receiving a roughly given supertrooper blowjob.
Kim can't sing the National Anthem at the game Friday because she got martined last night and cant even talk.
by db1212 February 24, 2015
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A popular irish slang term for being very drunk.
Man i was so martined last night. I cant even remember anything.

My dad was so martined last night. Id say hes very hung over today
by Simond December 14, 2010
When a very stressed out engineer takes a giant dump in the ERC toilet, thus leaving streak marks in the toilet
Man I was really filled with shit and martined the toilet to hell.
by Young Genius March 04, 2008
When somebody writes a book/story or show and killed off every main character that everybody love
'Dude! Have you seen game of thrones?'
'Nah man, the director totaly Martined it, I stopped watching after the 1st season'
by Sir Guestngton April 06, 2015

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