The sexiess guy you will ever meet.. EVER.. trust me on this girls.. and guys.. i think? .. :D lol he's the awesomest/smexiess/smartest/cutest/perfectest/ person in the entire world<3
Aurora: Oh my gawd, I just fucked Martin last night.. it was perfect<3

Martin: muwahahaha:)
by Martinlover13 May 31, 2009
an amazing human being his glow affects eeryone who is near him.
"hey here comes that martin

lets rub his scalp"!.

"did you see dave"

"yeah hes so funny hes a martin"
by mr. santalaskamel April 09, 2009
an incredibly tall sexy guy who looks like johnny depp, but better. Has perfect curls and the sexiest accent that is superior to all accents. All girls want him, but only the one model-like/albino/aphrodite-decendent girl can have him. He is cutest when tickled. He also has the super power to indulge in such amounts of food and have it never phase him, like a black whole or an endless pit. :]
"if only i could have a martin, but i know thats impossable"
by floydinkentuky February 06, 2010
A Martin is a very lovely man with long blonde hair and amazing musical and lingual skills. Very intelligent individual with a beautiful personality and beautiful looks. A Martin usually has an excellent taste in music, i.e. Dream Theater or Nightwish, and also a wonderful sense of humour. Martins are very kind and very special and unique.
Holy crap. Martin is so beautiful!
by Norwegianbuddy November 19, 2010
Martin comes in all shapes, forms, and colors. Often mistaken for an apple tree, Martin can blend into the environment very well. There is a Martin around you somewhere don't be mistaken. There is fire in his pants. Martin is fucking awesome. Be afraid.
I hate him, he needs to be more like Martin.
by the guy at the table with mart March 31, 2011
A guy who is totally lax obsessed. he is the epitome of a laxdork! he loves to be out in the wilderness and Also is a very funny guy who loves to be right about everything and makes everyone around him laugh. He can also be into himself but never is he selfish.
Martin is the most funniest of funniest
by hipponama October 31, 2010
Martin thinks he's really cool! really shy guy and has sexy as legs! he's really hot and he likes to play in waterfalls!
who's sexy legs are those?

oh they must be martins ;)
by Ataahuasoul April 23, 2011
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