An average asian, white,or other descents seen a God, he has the power to make any women cream at anytime and can make a lady squirt.
1. oh my god, Martin got me all wet.
2. Did you see what Martin did in bed?
by ipink January 06, 2009
A brief exclamation of assurance. Sometimes can also be used as an acknowledgment or greeting.
Q: "Do you have everything that you needed to be able to finish the job?"

A: "Martin!"
by Its_a_McFlurry August 09, 2007
Someone who thinks they know it all and generally does, proving their friends wrong a LOT!
Oh I thought I was gonna give birth to a girl but my friend said it would be a boy and he was right. He's such a Martin!
by BigMart December 29, 2006
A Martin is someone who knows exactly what to say and when to say it. He makes his girl feel like she's the luckiest in the whole wide world. Always saying something cute to make you blush. He's one of those boys that your 11:11 wish is about. He's also extremely cute and has an amazing personality. He can always find a way to make you laugh.
You: Who was that guy you were just with? He is so cute
Me: I know, he's a Martin.
by Cuppycakexo December 04, 2013
Someone you can't help but fall in love with. Once you meet a Martin your heart belongs to him. He's shy but so friendly. He brightens up you cloudy day and brings colour into your black and white world. He makes you feel special and cared for. Always asking if you're ok. The only way he breaks your heart is because he's got a girlfriend and you can't have him. He's such a loyal boyfriend. Loves to kiss and cuddle. He is so HOT! He is musically inclined and loves music. He can sometimes be lazy, but he still does what he needs to do. He has the most beautiful smile that can make anyones heart melt.
Oh, how I love Martin. I couldn't help but fall in love with him. It breaks my heart to know I'll never have him.
by Martin's Girl January 14, 2014

unnatural super human thinking ability.. all ideas are pure put it simply.. THE WORD OF GOD
I've just had the best idea EVER .. I'm such a Martin
by dizzywitch79 February 26, 2013
A very tall dominaing, sexy male. Has likes to wear Jaffa cakes.

He may be the Cutest person you will ever meet. Martin is just so lovely, you will fall in love with him instantly. He's perfect in every way!! He's very dashing.

Martin is a beautiful person with a beautiful personality. if you have a Martin, never let him go!
I met this guy, he's a Martin
by Ilovemartin January 23, 2014

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