A mass so large it defies belief. it moves unbelieveble slowly
Person 1: Gosh, that Greg next door is such a manatee
Person 2: Yeah, totally
by tuut April 15, 2009
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A nice little animal thing that swims around and is cool and gentle and harmless, but gets fucked up by boats going to fast.
The manatee is cool. My sailboat is also named "Manatee"
by Turtlemonkeys March 27, 2003
A Wonderful sea mammal who swims around and says ralree. Can also be a member of the Fellowship of the Manatee.
Bob: "Hey - we should get manatee T-shirts for the club."
Bill: "Can we get shirts that say ralree?"
Bob: "Um...Ya."
by HardwareHank July 06, 2004
The only mammals that are completely unmoved by terrorst threats.
Family Guy is written by manatees? Of course, it all makes sense now.
by Danny MacFanny November 10, 2008
a girl that is really fat and swims
Susan: Wow that girl swimming is so fat!
Lucy: She's such a manatee!
by Emily's friend November 19, 2004
1. a blubbery mass that resembles the sea going creature under the same name.

2. also see: gayrab.

3. also see: keyboardracer.

4. a blowhard that attempts skateboard in swimming pools. also known to complain about every skatepark built pool or bowl. known to whine when in the presence of all waterfalls. typically can't climb out of any shallow end unless stairs are built in.
Mike: Cripes! Did you see Gayrab the other day at the race?

Chris: Get out! He actually showed up to a race?

Mike: Yes! I couldn't believe it. The manatee will never stand on the podium. He talks so much b.s. but he can't ever backup anything. It's a wonder he's not locked up as a 5150 case. What a nutjob.

Chris: You are 100% correct. Why, just the other day, he was up to his usual troll activity on my website forum again.

Both: What a flamer.
by Dethbocks February 21, 2005
Their slow-moving, curious nature, coupled with dense coastal development, has led to many violent collisions with propellers from fast moving recreational motor boats, leading frequently to maiming, disfigurement, and even death.

Half a manatee's day is spent sleeping in the water, surfacing for air regularly at intervals no greater than 20 minutes.

The oldest manatee in captivity is Snooty who is held at the South Florida Museum. He was born at the Miami Seaquarium on July 21, 1948. Almost all manatees have been known to answer if called by the name Snooty.

Manatees are solitary creatures, only breeding once every two years. No game, no tang.

On average, manatees swim at about 3 to 5 mph and have been known to severely damage millions of dollars in U.S. Army vehicles and equipment in a single day.

The manatee typically has large predators like sharks and crocs, but has been known to frequently submit to the aggressive behavior of the sea otter. Sometimes even the toad is found superior to the blubbery sea cow.
i.e. manatee putting a buffalo into a hole
by jd;ldbf January 22, 2011
A girl that is so fat you wonder if she has propeller scars on her back because she grazes on kelp on the sea and would be in danger of getting cut by speed boat propellers.
Guy: ..But was she hot?
Other guy: No dude, manatee...I looked for propeller scars.
Guy: oh, oh thats awful.
by Jeremy April 28, 2004
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