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A nice little animal thing that swims around and is cool and gentle and harmless, but gets fucked up by boats going to fast.
The manatee is cool. My sailboat is also named "Manatee"
by Turtlemonkeys March 27, 2003
A month
June 21 is the longest day of the year.
by Turtlemonkeys March 27, 2003
He is going to Fuck-me-in-the-ass prision once we cut his balls off in this war.
He's going to die! and we're going to enjoy it! because no one fucks with america! no one! and peace lovers dont know shit about this war! if they did theyd be for it! go read the newspaper you dumb fucks
by Turtlemonkeys March 30, 2004
the person who just got ranked on
The butt of a joke
by Turtlemonkeys March 27, 2003
When you mix milk and chocolate sauce or powder (but we all prefer the hersheys sauce) and then you stir it up and its yummyier than regular milk
not long ago i made a nice glass of chocolate milk and took the pills for my sinus infection... no joke
by Turtlemonkeys January 19, 2004

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