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police code for crazy one on the loose. Danger to property, danger to others, and danger to themselves...
you better call the cops before she goes 5150 on your ass!!
by elementau January 28, 2004
California code for a legal involuntary 72 hour psychiatric hold.
We 5150'd him against his will and sent him over to the inpatient facility.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
California police code for a "crazy". Also the name of Eddie Van Halen's home recording studio... and a name of a Van Halen CD.
No example is needed.
by VHFan November 13, 2003
police term for "Danger to themself & others" somehow adopted by motorcycle Stunters to mean "Crazy" even though the correct police term for Crazy is 800
check out the guy on the R1, he's straight up 5150!
by Mr Wall February 08, 2006
A danger to self & danger to others
the people who define this before me are 5150s.
by Beny boo bear February 16, 2005
1. California police code used to denote an escaped criminally insane person.

2. An album that hit in 1986 by Van Halen. It's the first album by the "Van Hagar" lineup. Also, the album's name comes from the studio it (and 1984) were recorded.
1. Positive. This is Sgt. Pepper reporting a pursuit of a 5150. Do you copy?

2. This is dialog from a VH concert I went to.

Sammy Hagar: And just does "5150" mean?

Mike Anthony: It means that you're a crazy motherfucker!

Crowd erupts in cheers.
by Starpunk January 02, 2007
1. Police code for a person that is a danger to him/herself.

2. Often used by gangster and thugs as a person that is psycho enough to put his/her or anyone else's life on the line.

3. Can be a reference to a trance like episode were the person doesn't care about the law, life or anything around.
1. "I'm going to need assistance with a 51 50 on 12th st." - officer Doofy

2. Miss 5150 is a hot piece but I heard that she is straight up psycho and she is down for that BLU flag.

3. That slob better quit clowning or I'm going to have to go 51 50 on his ass.
by The EVIL BATMAN March 29, 2010
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