A chill and easygoing girl. Goes with the flow and is loved by everyone
You know Pam, you really are a manatee

Why thank you, roger
by blackgirl68 March 10, 2015
A confident, tomboyish, and often large woman with a low voice, who is capable of impersonating and often out-doing the male singing voice.
I love Nina Simone's music. Her voice is so deep, and she sings with a ton of soul. That woman is a manatee.
by Jammd June 19, 2011
A mass so large it defies belief. it moves unbelieveble slowly
Person 1: Gosh, that Greg next door is such a manatee
Person 2: Yeah, totally
by tuut April 15, 2009
A very fat man that is usualy seen in white tees
Wowzers look at that Manatee
by F00DiSGO0d August 08, 2007
Back in the old days Pirates would have intercourse with Manatee's after being at sea for a very long time.
Manatee means "Pirate Pussy".
by Astra0172 November 17, 2010
Tasty little motherfuckers. Best served with a side of sea turtle stew and something else a little more endangered.

Also: When you're doing a mondo fat chick and take a taco (green) shit on her face.
They don't call Manatees sea cows for nothin'.

You like that seaweed, don't you?

by Captain Dugong November 06, 2007
1)An animal of the sea that is endangered
2)Comes from the american word man seed. Refered to in the same contexed as Skeet
Awww...Manatee Manatee Mantee (not skeet)
by TYRONE T. Jenkins September 12, 2004

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