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A Wonderful sea mammal who swims around and says ralree. Can also be a member of the Fellowship of the Manatee.
Bob: "Hey - we should get manatee T-shirts for the club."
Bill: "Can we get shirts that say ralree?"
Bob: "Um...Ya."
by HardwareHank July 06, 2004
The sound a manatee makes.
"RALREE! RALREE!!!!" said the Manatee.
by HardwareHank June 07, 2004
Where a college student plays so much CounterStrike (or any other addictive game that engrosses their lives - Project Entropia is a good example) that they fail all of their classes and drop out.
"Dude! PTown Counterstruck Out!! What A Dumbass!"
by HardwareHank February 11, 2004
A word of affection in the anime series Hamtaro.
I'm happy! Kush Kush Kush!!!
by HardwareHank September 26, 2004

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