To flirt, talk provactively in the interest of getting a member of the opposite sex to like you
"I constantly mack on the hunnies in the mall"
by Sarge- March 22, 2006
A complete asshole and waste of time. A Mack will play girls, cheat, pretend to love his gf, and be a complete douche to his exes who dont deserve his shit. Everyone knows him as the one to fuck over girls. A mack doesnt mean any of the shit he will say to earn trust and forgiveness. Macks will let you think your in love and knows how to sweet talk, but inside its all a game for him. Macks should be hated by all.
(girl crying)

friend of girl: aww whats wrong?

girl: I just saw my bf making out with that girl over there

next day

girl: oh nevermind bout that, we figured it out, i think were really in love afterall(:
friend: ...what a fucking mack
by calichick15 April 27, 2011
the act of consuming any kind of edible materials/female body parts
Nilou macked chips all night and Nima called her fat.
by efromdaenc October 12, 2009
To make out, kiss, hookup..
I cant go more then a month without getting my mack on!
by Zotang October 09, 2008
To hit on or seduce fine looking ladies. By any means necessary even if it includes people's lunch!
1. Tom and Eddy macked the two hottest women at the party
by henno May 02, 2005
Another word for chill or relax.
1.Son i heard you got a STD from that hoe the other night

-Man Mack! who ever told you that shit fucking lied

2. Yo im going to fuck that nigga up if he messes with my girl again

- Mack bruh its not that serious
by LadyBrooklyn January 26, 2010
flirtin like a little bitch to try and get some
Spencer so wants Brody to mack on Jenn
by Heidi from the Hills February 26, 2007

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