A brand of computers made by apple inc. People tend to buy these pieces of shit because 1. they are retarded at using a computer. 2. Since they are retarded, they have never heard of FREEWARE, so they think that graphic editing is exclusive for mac. 3. They can't take care of a computer worth a flying fuck (open the case and see how much dust has built up), so they blame simple PEBKAC on moronic claims. Now that they have one, they try (and fail miserably) at defending themselves for their own stupidity. They say that mac is innovative (a word they probably don't even know) and try to sound like they know stuff about computers. An easy way to spot this is to ask if nVidia cards work on macs. Because of their lack of computer skills and poor choice of pc, they bash windows and linux users and fail because most people take care of their computer, thereby leading to less problems. They try to claim that macs are the best yet, both windows and linux based pcs' are: faster, more reliable, have assloads of apps, lower prices, are easily upgradeable (and yeah update and upgrade are different so stfu you ignorant POS) and they do believe it or not just work like macs do. Oh and the facts on the mac page at apple are wrong. Considering that fact that 802.11n has been in draft for quite a while and my computer has astonishing speed too. Have you heard of SATA2 which is a high speed hard drive connection?

Seriously, if you're too retarded to use windows or linux, then computers aren't for you.
Person 1: why did you buy a Macintosh?
Person 2: they don't have viruses-
1: neither does linux.
2: whats linux?
by qblasphemy July 20, 2008
A computer system used by some as an alternative to PCs. Noted for their stability, Macs are commonly used for graphical design, editing and similar visual-performance tasks. Industry standard in photography and movie industries. Unfortunately, lack of developer support and relative nonexistence of an open-source community keeps the Mac a distant second in the eyes of the computing community.
iMac, iBook, i-anything, Jaguar, MacOS
by ZiggyFroid May 21, 2005
to answer someone else's question about my pc...

-does your windows laptop/desktop have a built in camera above the screen for video chatting and taking pictures and videos with ur friends like a photo booth?
not built in, but i had 10 dollars for one... which is better than a thousand dollars for an apple..

-does your windows laptop/desktop come with a remote control so you can play music, movies, pictures and more from across the room?

-does your windows laptop have a backlit keyboard?
no, but i tend to worry more about my computer actuaually working than how it looks...

-does your windows computer look anywhere near as hottt as apple's designs?
yes. you can CUSTOMIZE PCs, change things around, put it in new cases... it looks much better than a mac

-can you download and open EVERY email and file without worrying even a little bit about getting a virus? there are 8 known mac viruses, and over 20, 000 windows ones! yes- that's a real fact.
i have virus scanners, so yes, i can

-and let me also ask why all the people who are computer geniuses and web programmers and scientists and musicians and artists all use macs?
i know many people who probably know a shitload more about computers than you do and they wouldn't even want to touch a mac.

-can you type anything in a convenient search bar and your computer automatically searches inside all your documents, files, your music, your pictures, every single piece of information on your computer for items matching that search?
yes, its built right into windows. has been sine windows 98.

-can you click on the application dashboard and have all your widgets pop onto the screen (one for the weather forecast, one that uses your camera to provide you with a mirror, dictionary, calculator, calendar, and a family guy quote, and anything else you can possibly think of) and then with one click have it all disappear again?

-can you press one key and have all the windows you have open appear miniturized on your screen so you can pick the one you want quickly and easily?
macintosh users think there computers are so great because they have moronic quirks built into them to hide the fact that the operating system that they're using sucks. i could achieve everything that a mac can do on a windows pc that will actually get stuff done with about 3 or 4 thrid party programs.

and yes, i've used macs before and seen them crash. a lot.
by borstalbreakout October 13, 2006
Macintosh is a computer operating system that is created by Apple to try to make computer life fuller, crisper, cleaner, and better on many levels. The Macintosh website has many legitimate reasons to buy a Mac that PC fanboys will claim are stupid, myths, or standard on their PC.

Unlike other computers, Macintosh comes with programs you will use and programs that make it easier to manage your files.

Those who give thumbs down to this entry are PC fanboys, and have probably never tried a Mac, and believe any PC is just fine with an anti-virus, even though, to an extent, it does slow the computer down.

Macintosh is also a computer assembled completely in one place by the people who write the software. Apple builds their own computer, and therefore, know what runs best with their Operating system, whereas other operating systems are hit-and-miss.
User 1: Dammit, man, stop trying to send me stuff, I told you, my Windows vista just crashed from viruses and won't work anymore. You know what it is right?

Smarter guy: No actually, I don't have to worry about that with my Macintosh.

User 1: Yeah, I bet that thing took forever to download all your programs.

Smarter guy: No actually, all the programs I use came with my macintosh already installed.
by KT JDDD August 10, 2010
Also called Mac, it's an expensive paperweight, with a buggy OS called "Mac O-Eh Sex Leopard" that hangs all the time. It has a nice design, but the hardware is poor and the OS, as said earlier, is very buggy.

You can buy a PC with 800$.
You can buy a Mac with the same specs of a PC with 1000$ more!

Windows PWNS Mac OS!
And when Macs crash, the crash is caused by the OS and they just show "You need to restart the computer" in 4 languages.

When Windows crashes, the crash is caused by a 3rd party software or hardware and they help you solve their problem in their blue screen of death.
by TheWindows7Guy January 27, 2009
A Un-Reliable computer that frequently freeze's up, and screws up all of your work...
Also doesn't have any games, and the only ones they do have, suck... (Except for a few...)
Even though it has its downs, this compute is excellent with drawing/movie software.

But the bottom line is, don't get a Macintosh
Sam - I heard Billy got a Macintosh!

Franky - What a waste of money....
by Shadow_Lmte June 26, 2005
The computers made by Apple. Hated by most windows users. It mainly runs the OSX operating system, but some older models can run the OS9 system, while the newer ones can dual boot with Windows.

A computer that is just as capable of doing things as a Windows based PC is. The problem is that the mac bashers out there have little or no experience with the operating system, and are mostly lazy ignorant teenagers who spell like crap; and are completely unable to wrap their mind around the concept of change. As soon as they realize that the GUI of OSX is WAY easier to use than windows, they shit themselves and run back to good 'ol Vista. Any open-minded person would realize that it is crucial not to get all hyped about something, and completely hate everything else,
Me: I love my Macintosh!

Mac Hater: psh!!!1!11 windows ish so much betta becuz it haz gamse!!11!

Me: Well, the Mac has games too. And it can dual boot Windows, or use Parallels to play games. Can Windows do that?

Mac Hater: weel u jus liek appl becuz your are a fag fanbuy and you suck dick gay faggot ashole cunt!

Me: Dude, I don't even like Apple, I don't own an iPod, and I have 2 Windows based PC's and a Mac.

Mac Basher: wellz all i eva hasd wuz a windowz so ix not guna change fo your ass. gay fag bistch macs hate windowas asnd dont even play gamwes.

Me: Okay, well. I'm gonna go skate. See ya!
by WOOOM February 24, 2010
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