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Alternative to jail for teenagers where you're treated like you're in the military.

Where Maury sends out of control teenagers.
Alright you're going to boot camp
by 1069 November 11, 2006
A reality show similar to Survivor that was cancelled when people found out that it was rigged.
They don't even show re-runs of Boot Camp.
by Alfie The Horndog March 08, 2007
A computer program made by Apple that allows the user to install X86 based operating systems such as Windows and Linux in a dual boot or a triple boot configuration along side Mac OS X on computers with X86 processors made by Apple. That includes the iMac,Mac Pro,Mac Book,Mac Book Pro,Mac Book Air, and the Mac Mini. This setup will allow each operating system to run at full speed and make full use of 3D graphics.
Bootcamp is the best program to setup a dual boot or a triple boot on Apple's hardware An example includes the following. Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Linux.
by terryjonesxp August 15, 2012
When you plan to have a booty call spend the night.
I need to check the locks on my doors, Alison Lohman is coming over for Boot Camp tonight!
by Skurvy23 July 08, 2009
1. a new guy, largely clueless on everything going on around him/her
why is that bootcamp not doing anything
by BHO39 October 19, 2007
One whose boner is curved.
Dude you know that chick I sit by in math class? Well today she had the biggest boot camp!
by bonerhead June 15, 2008
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