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A work horse computer, made for reliability and usability. Based on unix. Similar to a work truck, not the funnest thing to drive, but gets the job done and is always there when u need it. It is also used in creative projects, such as video editing, flash, websites etc. My pc may not have been as costly and may be alot more performance orientated, capable of playing all the latest games and programs. But sadly enough, sometimes, it just doesn't perform...
Most macintosh perspectives are based on outdated or misinformed opinions, common reference to those macs used in elementary school, those computers did suck, and are not to be confused with a modern OS9+ model powermac, which most people have never had the chance to operate. While both pc's and Mac's are both great computers in their own light, if u wish to go the extra mile and cash out a few extra bucks for a real reliable and secure computer, then my suggestion would be a macintosh. That or atleast a stable linux system.
1. My macintosh is just as fast as it was when i bought it 8 months ago. It was just as fast yesterday. It was just a fast today, and i think ill put my money that it will boot up tomorrow and be just as fast.
2. My pc may not boot due to failing hard drives, bios difficulties, bootloader failures....that and windows.
3."When my pc starts cussing me out, i just pull the plug and turn to my mac, thats if im not on it already."
4. The rolls royce of personal computers, sleek, powerful, well designed and reliable, Owner-" So what do i owe you?" mechanic " What are you talking about? Rolls royces dont break down"
by skallywaggsta February 22, 2006
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