Macintosh is a horrible operating system that freezes and sucks for gaming. Steve Jobs is a douche for making it.
Mac:Im a Macintosh
Pc: and Im a Pc
Mac: I can't play games and am only useful for a cespool.
Pc: I can play great Microsoft games with all my gaming awesomeness.
Mac: {freeze}
Pc: predictable
by James Niet September 06, 2007
A so-called computer favored by the following groups of people:

- Dweebs that have been going to college for more than 6 years straight. They have lost all touch with the real world and have quite possible gone insane from consuming too many Ramen noodles.
- Dweeb faggots. They like the purple ones.
- Dweeb faggot hippies. Socks with Birkenstock sandals. Says all you need to know. I guess you can be stoned for four decades straight and still figure out a Mac.
- Dweeb faggot hippie leftists in the media. They see their friends use 'em and therefore got to have one themselves. Groupthink is what they are all about. These are the types that usually reside on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
- Dweeb faggot hippy leftists in Hollywood (directors and celebritards, especially). If Apple actually had the market share portrayed by movies and television (90% of them seem to use Macs), they would be stomping the PC market into the ground (but they are not). Of course, since Hollywood almost never gets current technology correct ("Jack Bauer needs a socket!"), we know they are full of shit about Macs, too.
Fagboy says, "Hey, at least my Macintosh has never gotten a virus." Put a foot in Fagboy's ass and tell him, "Spending the time to write a virus for a Mac is like releasing a movie on BetaMax tape."

Fagboy says, "Macintosh is better for design/desktop publishing." Tell Fagboy, "Get your head out of your 1994 ass. PC has caught up to and surpassed Macs in every area in which Mac used to have an advantage."

Fagboy says, "I like the games for Macintosh." Tell Fagboy, "STFU and quit pretending to like playing Sim City 2000 because you have no other choices."

Fagboy says, "Macintosh is easy to use." Tell Fagboy, "So is your mother, but I would be embarrassed to get caught on camera doing it."

Macintosh sucks. 'nuff said.
by Impugn April 14, 2008
A word which sets off something in people's minds which turns them into assholes.
Dude: Hey guys, I got one of them new Apple macintosh computers today.

Dude 2/random person (esp. on internet): *explodes, accuses Dude of being a liberal/hippie/faggot/all of the above*

Dude: ...
by HerrJazz January 03, 2009
An operating system created by Apple, Inc. Has a very large fan base but an even larger hater group, mainly because it's basically the same as a Windows computer, except for it's "pretty" graphics, which frankly, isn't worth the extra hundreds of dollars.
Rick: Hey, what operating system do you use?

Gregory: Uh...uhm..oh yeah, a Macintosh!

Rick: Whats the point? Why not get a Windows for 300 dollars less?

Gregory: Because Mac is better!

Rick: They're exactly the same. Trust me, I have both. I wish I never bought the Mac.

Gregory: looks pretty!
by Rikco December 23, 2007
A computer owned by 1 out of every 1000 computer users. Made to look "pretty" by design, but really has no functionality other than graphic & video editing equipment. Cannot run much of anything, especially no decent games or software.
"Before you give me any further computer instruction, please take note that I have a Macintosh, so in essence, I can probably do nothing you intend on telling me to do."
by joey May 25, 2005
Starting in 1984 with Apple's Macintosh 128k, the Macintosh computers from Apple are very successful. Many things were changed, however; the CPU was from Motorola's 680xx to IBM's PowerPC to the now current Intel. The Macintoshes use a proprietary OS called Mac OS, which cannot be installed onto a regular computer due to Apple restricting it.
Macintosh computers, in my opinion, are well made.
by tyirujty January 05, 2010
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