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1. the name given to a person that never stops amazing you
2. The hottest guy in the world
3. the name given to a person that is very confusing
1. He's so maze
2. Yeah, he's such a maze

by -aMaze August 11, 2007
Rhythum & Blues / Soul Band "MAZE" Featuring Frankie Beverly
by PistolCrockett April 23, 2003
a good for nothing smart ass
mike is to smart for his own
by dghfh March 22, 2004
1.A cool native american band

2. A Korn tribute band... which probably is terrible!
Robert Tree Cody With Rob Wallace & Tony Redhouse
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
Your lord and savior.

aka pimp, player, velvet, bobfather
He is your maze !
by Rob February 28, 2003
Your MOM!!!Your mom!!! Your mom!!!Your mom!!
Maze is an owner at socom, Your mom!!!
by 8dC February 02, 2005