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An operating system created by Apple, Inc. Has a very large fan base but an even larger hater group, mainly because it's basically the same as a Windows computer, except for it's "pretty" graphics, which frankly, isn't worth the extra hundreds of dollars.
Rick: Hey, what operating system do you use?

Gregory: Uh...uhm..oh yeah, a Macintosh!

Rick: Whats the point? Why not get a Windows for 300 dollars less?

Gregory: Because Mac is better!

Rick: They're exactly the same. Trust me, I have both. I wish I never bought the Mac.

Gregory: Well...it looks pretty!
by Rikco December 23, 2007
1. An expensive chunk of shiny metal and plastic.
2. An expensive paperweight
You paid $3000 for a Macintosh? I built a PC for $800 that can kick its ass and it STILL looks better.
by mikm June 11, 2005
Starting in 1984 with Apple's Macintosh 128k, the Macintosh computers from Apple are very successful. Many things were changed, however; the CPU was from Motorola's 680xx to IBM's PowerPC to the now current Intel. The Macintoshes use a proprietary OS called Mac OS, which cannot be installed onto a regular computer due to Apple restricting it.
Macintosh computers, in my opinion, are well made.
by tyirujty January 05, 2010
an alternative os which is less compatable than my calculator.
my mac ;loving freind cant even name 10 good free programs
its like a supercar, it can go at 400km/h but only on 0.5% of the world
by Kip June 05, 2005
A branded, overpriced PC for self-absorbed children.
I feel like paying triple the price for half the performance in my new computer. Also, I can barely operate one. Guess I'll get a Macintosh!
by Shittyhorse May 26, 2011
A very controversial platform introduced by Apple back in '85. Some love it, most hate it. The general consensus is that you can't do ANYTHING with them. I'll admit outright that a factory shipped apple computer lacks the ability to run games. But for those who don't play games, it's not a loss. And the platforms secure Unix core and lack of popularity make it a rare target for hackers and viruses. Not to mention that the previous PowerPC based generations were true monsters. The RISC based computers were oh so easy to program. And reached real world results that are hard to achieve on the x86 platform. Needless to say, my respect for that platform dropped exponentially since the advent of Intel based Macs. But the simple intuitive GUI makes up for the hardware drawback. It's Unix roots hold several advantages over other Os's on the market. If anything, the lack of a registry and no Dll's are the Unix system's biggest forte. All I can say, is that I've been using my 68k based Mac Plus, PowerPC based Powerbook 1400c, Power Mac G4 and Powerbook G4 happily for years. I do own a PC, but it's pretty pokey sometimes and has to be whiped clean every year. When I need a huge library of programs, than i'll whip out my Hp Mini, for something zippy and simple, my Macintoshs reign supreme. It's all a matter of what you want to do.
PowerPC Macintosh computers= Fast, simple.

x86= Far more common, overly complex, once used Netburst, and that's bad enough.
by Medicus April 27, 2010
Computers for people who do not understand computing.

An expensive brand of computers with proprietary hardware and software, which is incompatible with almost everything that is not made by Apple.

Apple's marketing relies heavily on claiming superiority over non Apple computers.
A macintosh is not the Ferrari of the computer world, it is the lamborghini.

Sure its pretty and stupidly expensive, but it can't perform at the track like a real performance car (computer).
by Jackofallfades September 14, 2010