Lurkers lurk. This lurking may exist in the form of excessive monitoring and creating of PT threads, checking out other people's myspaces without the intention of leaving a comment or message, or hitting on/trying to get with someone. Most people are a lurker sometimes, but you aren't truly a lurker until PT or myspace is used everytime you see a computer, or you're creepy (possibly old) and hit on mad girls.
I was lurking on PT instead of writing my paper!

Oh my god he is such a lurker!

Wish I was lurker... Wish I was on myspace...
#lurk #pt #myspace #lurking #threads #the boscos
by mulberrysdream May 07, 2008
When you follow the conversation of two people who are your 'friends' on a social networking site such as facebook whilst not actually participating in the conversation. A digital version of eavesdropping.

NB: Anything you say to people on facebook through the comment system really isn't private.
Jane and Matthew were having a conversation on facebook. Oliver clicked 'See Wall-to-Wall' to read the conversation they'd been having. Oliver is being a lurker!
#lurker #lurking #eavesdropping #lerker #lerk
by Peter1122 December 31, 2009
Someone who "lurks" around an Internet forum, only reading and never posting. "Lurking" is often the result of being too scared or lazy to register, and the term mostly applies to those who do not; however you do get the occasional member who doesn't post.
There are ALWAYS more lurkers than registered members.
#lurker #internet #discussion #forum #lurking #registered #unregistered #member
by Atomik Spongeface June 16, 2008
Person who has less than 5% of the average user's number of interventions in an online community (sometimes even 0 interventions), yet seems to know everything about everyone. He's the one saving all of your Myspace photos in his computer without ever leaving a comment on them. After a week of lurking, he learns the ways of an online community better than very old members of it.

In real life, a lurker is a person who "happens" to overhear the most intimate of conversations and witness some key moments without many people even noticing he's there.
It's the 3925th time (random number) I go on Urban Dictionary, but the first time I post a definition. I guess that makes me a lurker.
#spying #lurk moar #internet #stalking #discretion
by Insert Nickname Here June 20, 2010
A fictitious burrowing organism of the Zerg race, belonging to the Starcraft universe. Lurkers are born from the metamorphosis of a hydralisk.
A swarm of overlords dropped a dozen lurkers in my base. No SCVs survived.
#lurker #zerg #hydralisk #starcraft #star craft #lurker drop
by SCV_Master December 15, 2008
A guy who creepily stands on the edge of any dance floor, who came to the venue alone, and is there for the sole purpose of making moves on any unsuspecting woman who strays from her group. He generally sneaks up from behind.
Dance closer to me, you guys; I see a lurker over there who is waiting to move in on me.
#lurking #dance floor #creep #behind #alone
by Char and Karen December 21, 2008
An asocial person who lives amongst others, but avoids as much contact with them as possible.
In a dorm room hall, the few kids who are never seen during daylight, but are occasionally run into in the restroom by the normal kids during a middle-of the night bathroom run. They live in singles (so to avoid roommates), which are on a secluded hallway, and never talk to anyone.. even if approached and spoken to.
by Matt (not the crackhead) July 10, 2005
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