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n. That guy at work who goes from cubicle to cubicle telling everybody in your office the exact same thing, usually some lame story about what he did last weekend. The cube crawler is also the same guy who feels it necessary to touch your computer screen at least eight times a day.
Dude...Brad is such a cube crawler, doesn't he ever work?
by LukeDuke December 23, 2004
n. The guy who hangs out by the dumpster in the 7-11 parking lot. He doesn't really ever do anything; he just looks like he's about to. The Lurker has a well groomed molestache and still listens to Snow and Vanilla Ice. Also seen at NASCAR events.
Be careful dude, I saw The Lurker over there last week.
by LukeDuke December 23, 2004
n. The Molester has various unique characteristics. Often seen associating with his good friend The Lurker at NASCAR events, he preys on fat chicks and teenage boys. He can easily be identified by his Looney Toons tee-shirt tucked into blue jean shorts with no belt. He calls cruising the parking lot at the race "grazing". His trademark saying is "Sup' brah?" Beware.
"The Molester is at it again. I heard he bagged Big Brenda and little Timmy last weekend."
by LukeDuke December 23, 2004

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