Lucy is the Kindness person u ever met, with her sky blue eye. She will be shy at first but after you let her in she be amazing and crazy person you ever let into your life. She will always be they for you no matter what, your be probly be friends for life. Lucy will tell a lot of her ups and downs mean how much she let u in. But mean she can trust the person she talking to. If you break that trust you lost a great friend to have, so never try to let her go.
"Look at her eyes they well Sky blue, she must be a Lucy"
"Lucy is amazing and crazy person you ever met"
"Lucy will never let you down"
"Never let her go, she a amazing friend to have
by lucy April 17, 2015
Lucy more commonly known as Lucifer.
Love child of the almighty Satan and God.
Lucy can be a very good girl to go to if you have problems but can be irritating as shit sometimes. Also can be a innocent girl but the devil is twisting her organs to go into a fiery rage of hell. If Lucy gets angry fiery hell demons raise out of the ground and attack the person who is harming her.
Hey did you see that hot fiery hell demon Lucy
Yeah I do she's amazing but annoying!
by Stevie101 April 09, 2015
A girl with a very lose vagina...
Ana gets banged by every guy in town, she is such a Lucy!
by ValerieRuiZ October 31, 2007
I don't know what everyone else is talking about, Lucy is a mean girl. She acts as though she's a celebrity, royalty and can get away with anything. Likes to pretend that she doesn't know her tits and ass were all over the Internet.
Guy 1: That bitch just shoved me out of the way!
Guy 2: That's Lucy for you
by I'm Already Gone March 16, 2015
Lucy, all Lucy's are cool! If your name is Lucy and your surname also begins with L that makes you even cooler!
"Lucy Lynch" The name is 2 L's so this girl MUST be cool!
"Have you seen that girl Lucy Lynch?".... "Yeah, MAN SHE IS COOL! Bo yah, I like the way that girl thinks! "

by ycuL January 04, 2008

Another word for lunatic and someone who has serious mental challenges and sucks at math!!!!!!!!

Chris:Hey did you see that fat lucy walking down the street!!!!!????
kris:ya she was sure a lucy
by numasolal February 27, 2008
a backstabbing bitch
She just pulled a MAJOR Lucy.
by billard3 January 22, 2009

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