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A girl that changes when boys are involved, someone i thought i could trust. Lucy is a typical girls name for a slag.

I used to like her. till she changed.

Im jealous of her. She gets all the boys becuase of the way she acts and her looks thats what makes me dislike her even more.

Go die Lucy.
girl 1- Look at lucy today!

girl 2 - shut the hell up shes just a flirt and deserves to die.
by ClaphamCordonK October 24, 2011
22 56
lucy, is a young and beautiful chick who is the envy of everybody at school. Her good looks and amazingly hot body attracts the boys. she is a great friend who is super smart and funny. A little bit of a rockstar, Lucy will rock your world each and every day. she has sandy blonde/brown hair ( likes to keep it really natural), tanned skin and brown eyes , her rack is huge and she likes to flaunt it. every boy in town crawls for her but every Lucy knows that boys have to work to win her heart.
she is actually so hot that she could easily be Justin Bieber's date on the red carpet. that's how hot she.
bro, did you see Lucy on the weekend? She look so hot!

man, no i didn't! i'm so diappointed because i try to see her as much as a can but so many guys are chasing her that she is hard to catch :(

bro, i know how you feel, the guys were talking about how how she was today and like almost the whole grade jimmed in and starting talking about her too.

bro, i have to get me Lucy
by story teller 101 June 08, 2011
34 68
she is beautifuul, sexy and everyone loves her, she has no enemies, but sometimes makes mistakes, phwoaar shes one sexy beast, everyone loves her, she is loving and caring, and musical
1- whos tht?
2-shes lucy
1- shes sexaay
2- i know
by beautyyy October 19, 2010
101 135
A sensitive creature who often devolves emotion that manifests itself in various physical and sexual expressions. Misunderstood by many except those who understand the intricacies of her complicated mind set
Lucy will stick fingers in mouth when sexually aroused
by Dartagnon February 04, 2010
85 119
A really hot girl with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.
"look over there"
"its Lucy, what a hottie"
by loveyouXoXo August 21, 2008
467 501
Lucy's are loving, caring, cute, classy and most Lucy's are gorgeous

Lucy's are the best dressed and have a love for things that are girly , but still tough and strong girls, when life needs them to be.

Everyone needs a Lucy in his or her life.

Also known as: Lusy, Lucie, and Lusie's.
Lucie is looking beautiful as always.

Lusy is such a strong person.

Lusie is good on the in, and outside.

Lucy is my light in the dark.
by wisedom123123456 September 19, 2013
7 42
Lucy is a short girl who is often timid around strangers, crazy around her friends and abolutely insane aroung her TRUE friends. Lucy is a big city girl who dreams of living somewhere big like NYC or LDC. Lucy is an intellegent girl who often underestimates herself and needs to give herself far more credit. Lucy is a gore loving person who doesnt mind getting her hands dirty and loves bloody horror movies and action movies, she also has a secret soft spot for romance. Lucy is a great girl to have in your life and once you get to know her she will make your life amazing. Lucy is just girl looking for love...<3
"hey, whos that girl shes amazing"
"man, thats lucy, isnt she great"
by rosiejano November 19, 2012
12 47